Our Legacy in Media Continues to Grow Just Like Our Impact

Media has the muscle to shape society and stir the collective mindset. It is, at once, an incredible power and compelling responsibility. That is why, at Sandesh, we believe in an independent and democratic spirit of journalism that tells truth to power.

Over the last century, Sandesh has stamped its authority in Gujarati news media with a consistent penchant for quality, integrity and credibility. Deeply ingrained with the culture, the entrepreneurial flair and the tradition of Gujarat since inception, no one knows the pulse of Gujarat better than us, and this reflects in our inimitable news coverage.

On the fast lane of growth, a legacy that began with Print has now grown to cater news across Television and Digital media. This is a testament to our commitment to not only stay current with the times, but also anticipate and adapt to changing media trends, staying ahead of the curve at all times.

Our combined strength of media delivers the highest parameters of an integrated reach. We shape the opinions and impact the lives of more millions of Gujarati readers and viewers every month. This is what makes Sandesh the largest and most-iconic Gujarati news network in the world. As we stand on the cusp of a new era, we are resolute in our commitment to build upon this legacy and continue shaping the future of news media.


A 100 year tradition that Gujarat wakes up to every day

What started off as a single-edition Gujarati newspaper in 1923 has metamorphosed into an iconic media brand today. The rise of Sandesh newspaper coincides with the rise of India. From the pre-independence era to the world’s largest democracy today, Sandesh has covered and mirrored the evolution of India, just as we have evolved with it. In 1995, when India was beginning to bear the fruits of liberalization, Sandesh set another milestone by becoming one of the first publicly listed media companies in India.

In a world of polarising political views, we have single-mindedly vested our interests with the republic of people.

Every day our high-octane team of journalists and editors backed by a technologically advanced & highly automated printing press and a strong distribution network make sure that our more than 8 million readers wake up to the most authentic, highly credible and well-presented news, information and analysis served in a newspaper boasting of superior print quality.

Moving forward, we will continue to be the torchbearer in setting the news agenda, sparking off discussions and serving the readers. We are poised to usher in a future that will revolutionize the way we consume and interact with news with a steadfast dedication to innovation and progress.

  • 6 editions across Gujarat
  • 24 sub editions
  • 60 offices across India
  • 400+ journalists & columnists
  • 6000+ distributors & agents across Gujarat
  • 9000+ business associates


News that informs Gujaratis, Views that empower them

Born with the journalistic heritage of Sandesh Group in its DNA, Sandesh News, a 24/7 Gujarati news channel, brings trusted news and credible views over the din of noise to Gujaratis around the world. A leading Gujarati news channel, Sandesh News is focused on delivering real time breaking news, analysis, debates, exclusive interviews and commentary on regional as well as global events with unwavering integrity and innovative programming. We have a blend of seasoned and young media professionals, a state-of-the-art studio and modern technology to produce, package, and broadcast ground-breaking content fast and first, round the clock.

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, harnessing the power of advanced technology, and fostering a dynamic team of professionals in a relentless pursuit of future that enables us to stay ahead of the curve in broadcast news.

Our comprehensive regional news coverage brings stories to life with unparalleled depth and insight. Fiercely ethical and fearlessly impartial in our reportage, the only side we take is the side of truth. We don’t sit on the fence; we stand up to speak for the common man, and their issues – and in doing so we blur the boundaries of language, region and race. Every month when millions affluent and powerful Gujaratis tune in to Sandesh TV, they can rest assured that the news channel they are watching is watching out for them.

  • 24/7 Gujarati news channel
  • 100+ reporters & stringers across country
  • Recipient of many prestigious awards
  • Fastest growing and most credible Gujarati news channel


The power of news now at your fingertips

In a world where people have the power of media in their hands, Sandesh has brought the power of news at their fingertips with its digital news products. Our digital news ecosystem – Sandesh news app, and social media platforms – make for one of the largest online Gujarati news networks, influencing Gujaratis globally. Sandesh is the first media house to launch a Gujarati news app in India. It is the only Gujarati news app that provides audience access to 24/7 live TV to stay up-to-date on the latest news, anytime and anywhere.

We are the go-to online destination of next-gen for breaking news, articles, videos, e-Paper and live TV in Gujarati. For a generation that lives in the here & now, we deliver news as it happens.

Born of the legacy of Sandesh Group, we deliver accurate and reliable content spanning across all genres with our trademark unbiased and uncompromising spirit of journalism. Going beyond the instant element of news, our purpose is to provide an insightful, engaging, categorized and personalized news experience in a user-friendly manner while solving the problem of information overload. As we continue to expand our digital community and take the leaps of future in digital-first news, our passion is to create more than reach, a real connection with the audience.

  • 100+ reporters & content creators
  • 84 million comprehensive reach
  • 8.5 million+ app users
  • 5 lakh+ app downloads & counting
  • 247 million+ website page views
  • 6 million+ social media followers
  • 4000+ stories and news published on monthly basis
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